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Hand picked fresh fruits for the Rubisco Juices


Since 2017, Rubisco is crafting flavorful cold-pressed juices, almond mylks and smoothies in our little workshop at the heart of Rhodes medieval town, Greece. With attention to detail and great responsibility, we are transforming the freshest fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds our land offers to nutrient dense, plant-based beverages and snacks to promote your daily needs for wellness and development. Join us in this colorful journey of healthy living!

Cold-pressed juice bottles by Rubisco


Knowledge. Passion. Responsibility.

Running a fully fledged cold-pressed juicery in one of Greece's most touristic streets and inside a UNESCO World Heritage protected site requires trust in our values, perseverance and just the right amount of craziness. Our three core values: knowledge of our craft, passion for juicing and responsibility towards our stakeholders are our compass in this wonderful journey in well-being and healthy living.    

Close up carrots


The secret behind our multi-awarded flavorful juice recipes is the result of many years of experience, experimentation and development in cold-pressed juicing. Crafting a Rubisco cold-pressed juice requires attention to detail, freshness of ingredients, technical expertise and following the recipe to the gram. Innovation and tastefulness worth sharing with your beloved ones!

Lemons in a basket


To make Rubisco cold-pressed juices, we use only the freshest fruits and vegetables our land offers. Our juices are 100% cold-pressed, without any kind of industrial process such as dilution, pasteurization or hpp treatment. Rubisco nutrient dense juices are hand-bottled raw and contain zero additives such as added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives. Only fresh local ingredients and our smile.

Rubisco quality that you can trust!

Serving a cup of fresh Rubisco cold-pressed juice


This wonderful journey into cold-pressed juicing, wouldn't be made possible without building trustful relationships with our suppliers. From the beginning, we are thankful for the support from local, certified organic small farmers that produce fresh fruits and vegetables specific to the needs of Rubisco. We would like to thank you for your hard working ethos and being there for us throughout all those years! 

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