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What is cold-pressed juicing?

Everything you wanted to know cold-pressed juicing in 3’:

With its roots in cider making, cold-pressed juicing is the most advanced method we have discovered so far to produce delicious, nutritious fresh juices. Cold-pressed juicing captures the taste and aroma profiles of fresh fruits and vegetables in a delicate and completely natural way. No need for additives such as added sugars and artificial ingredients (preservatives, colors etc.) or secondary processes (i.e. nixtamalisation).

The term ‘pressed’ refers to the compression, with the help of a hydraulic system, of fresh fruits and vegetables between two or more flat surfaces to squeeze out their juice. The term ‘cold’ is used freely to emphasize on the fact that the juicing process is so slow and delicate that the raw juice produced has, depending on the recipe, a self-life of 3-6 days if bottled and refrigerated, without losing the natural characteristics of the fresh fruits and vegetables used. The term ‘cold’ comes in contrast with other methods of juicing, where the juice has foam, quickly gets bruised, has chunks of pulp, feels watery due to loss of flavor and needs to be consumed immediately.

Cold-pressed juicing is a craft that requires continuous education, dedication, high level of focus on detail and consistent passion for what you do. Compared to other businesses that offer juices on the go, the cost of operation of your local cold-pressed juicery is significantly higher.  Please consider the initial investment and service of the industrial-grade machines, the fresh produce used from local farmers, the highly-skilled employees, the hand-bottling and labeling, not to mention the health and safety procedures and the limited production and self-life. Cold-pressed juiceries are small local heroes totally worth your support!

So, all in all, a cold-pressed juicer is a wonderful machine that can create very sophisticated and flavorful juices in the hands of a skilled craftsman: unforgettably smooth textures, organically vivid colors and an instant sensation of freshness worth sharing with your beloved ones. And it is good for your body too.

A cup of fresh juice at Rubisco cold-pressed juicery

We look forward to welcome you at Rubisco and experience our vision of responsibly providing to our community the best tasting and most nutrient dense juices our land has to offer.

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